Frequently Asked Questions

yes i know that this is lengthy but i promise--it's worth the read & the more info you know about us (/whoever you're hiring!) the better!

California, New York AND Minnesota?? Where are you based out of??

Total nomads, I know! We currently live in our van full time & are technically “based” in California- we’ve lived here for 4 years and that’s where the van calls home. We’re both originally from Minnesota and all of our family is there. We plan to make a big move to New York City soon, so we love when clients book us to shoot in our soon-to-be home (did I mention no travel fees? Keep reading!).

Do you have any added travel fees since you live in a van?

There are no additional travel fees for weddings in California, Minnesota, or New York! Please include when and where your wedding will take place on our Booking Form, and we can let you know if your location requires additional travel fees.

What are the different edited films you offer? Can you explain them to me? 

Of course! All of the films we offer are fully edited- meaning they are color-graded, edited between 2-3 camera angles, and synced with the best audio from the day. Our most popular package includes the highlight film, ceremony film, and speeches film.

4-6 Minute Highlight Film: A creative film with all of the most important moments throughout the day, set to music (plus some professional audio from the ceremony or speeches). This is the film you’ll watch over and over, and show your family and friends:)

Ceremony Film: The entire ceremony as it happened.

Speeches Film: A short film with all of the toasts and speeches from the reception.

Reception Film: The reception as it happens, with all of the big moments like your grand entrance, first dance, parent dances, cake cutting, etc.

How long will my film edits take to complete?

Typically, our turnaround time is between 3-5 months!

What's your filming style day of? Are you going to be all up in our faces?

Our mission is to be super stealthy ninjas! My two favorite compliments are “Our wedding film made me cry!” and “We didn’t even realize you were there!” We literally hate when photographers and videographers are in your face the whole time, but especially during the ceremony. That’s why we have super high quality zoom lenses :)

Can I use my favorite song in the video? Can I choose the music?

We have to follow copyright laws (because no one likes jail or $500,000 fines), so some popular songs are restricted. We license our music from amazing catalogs of high quality music and we always chat with our clients about their favorite music genres to find songs they will love. While we typically select the music for each film ourselves, if choosing songs is important to you, we can definitely send over the catalogs so you can do so!

Are you able to work with our budget? Do you have payment plans available?

I’m all about transparency when it comes to scary money talks- I was a bride on a budget once, too! We always try to be flexible and accommodating of budgets, so reach out and we can talk through everything and see what we can do! I promise we don’t bite and are very nice people:)

We do offer payment plans- here are a few other creative ways to work within a budget:
-      Wait to order your ceremony or reception films until after the wedding (you can order these up to 6 months post-wedding!)
-      Have your wedding during low season (December- February), on a weekday (Monday- Friday), or book us less than 3 months out (if we happen to have a free day, we might be able to make it work!)

Do you give me or sell all the videos you take (aka raw footage)? Can you explain raw footage to me?

The raw footage is the completely unedited video throughout the day- it’s shaky, the audio isn’t professional, and there will be lots of movement. It’s not perfect, and it definitely doesn’t reflect the quality of our work. However if it’s important to you to see every shot we take, we can supply the raw footage for an added cost.

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